by Lost Elegance

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released September 24, 2012



all rights reserved


Lost Elegance Copenhagen, Denmark

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Track Name: Defeater
All your life you have tried to reach me

But you would not realize that we weren't meant to be

The words you spoke, they were false like you
Now all I need is a second chance to

Prove you wrong!

All day long I see what's really happening
All night long I dream about it all
I try to avoid it all the time
But there is not much I can do all alone

When the sun sets, I feel no pain
But when the sun goes down it's all the same again
Endless roads I walk them all the time
I can handle myself, for I am the defeater

I open my eyes, look up to the skies and scream
I am not ready to die
Track Name: War Of Words
I have a dream

That all our worries will disappear

Of a better world, with no more fear
Take me back to the times of believe

Where we gave everything up for our dreams!

Take me back to when we were free!

Take me back to when we believed!

We turn the pages and pretend we read no words
Because we're afraid of the truth
A war of words has now begun

We ask ourselves, what have we done! 

But I will stand up against all the hate
Now days there is nothing left, but faith
We keep searching for what we adore

Oh, there most be more!

People are praying for a better life

But believe me, life is praying for better people too!

I have a dream
Track Name: Vengeance
This is vengeance

I will stand up and speak those words
It is never too late for me, to prove you wrong

You miss guided me, with all the things you said

Now there is nothing left - and what you did I can't forget!

This is vengeance

And now I sit back, with nothing left
Defeated, cheated, begging and praying for my downs
Now ask yourself, is this too far?
Ask yourself, is this too far?!

I'm gonna bury your soul
And you will be left alone with nothing left but fear
You will fight and lose on this day
Yeah, fight and lose on this day
Have you ever heard about vengeance?

I will stand up and speak those words
It is never too late for me, to prove you wrong

You miss guided me, with all the things you said

Now there is nothing left!

I was born to bring you down
Watch the throne lose it's crown
They all want me to turn my back
But I'll show them, courage isn't what I lack!

Every minute
Every hour

Every day
That we spent together

I will not remember
Track Name: Bliss
Emptiness is all I ever felt

Struggling to make these memories heal
Trying to escape what I can't change

Holding me down but it's all a waste

When you tore the innocence off my face
I learned that the world is a lonely place
I won't look back anymore

I've opened a new door into something
That's gives me back more.
A purpose and something
Worth dying for

I'll leave it behind
and chase my dreams
the future is much brighter
now than it seemed

Emptiness is all I ever felt

Thank you, thank you for showing me what I'll never become

You helped me see a better future, because of what you did

You helped me believe in myself, instead of believe in you

After all, my heart chose the long, but safe way home

Betrayal is your bliss